Tending organic gardens by hand requires a fair amount of physical labor.  Manual work will be a significant component of this internship. While previous farming or gardening experience is not required, we want to know that you are willing and enthusiastic to engage this aspect. Another central element of our work in the neighborhood is Moriah Pie, our weekly pay-as-you’re-able pizza restaurant. Interns will be expected to staff this restaurant (or associated programs) roughly 3 out of every four Friday nights, as well as help with food preparation ahead of time. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our work in west Norwood involves engaging with, teaching, and empowering the children and youth of our neighborhood who are eager to be involved in our various programs. Most interns will be working with and guiding children or youth in some way.

If you are ready to apply, please download the application and mail or email it to us by March 20, 2017.




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