Curriculum Outline

Monthly schedules are subject to change.


  • Theological Foundations, Part 1: Food and Memory 
  • Theological Foundations, Part 2: Food and the Created World: Creation, The Incarnation, and the Resurrection
  • Theological Foundations, Part 3: Imago Dei: Bearing the Image of the One who Created us to Eat


  • Eating and Consuming: Our Collective and Individual Relationships with Food
  • “Culture and Agriculture:” Our Societal Relationships with Food and the Land
  • Organic, Local, Fair Trade, and Fat Free: Contemporary Responses to our Current Eating Predicament 


  • The Challenge of Complicity: Examining the Hidden Costs of our Modern Food System (and beyond).
  • Being Human in the Urban Environment: the Challenge of a Creaturely Life in the City
  • The Economics of Life: A Great and Costly Gift
  • Leaving Pharaohʼs Pots: Our Need for a “Prophetic Imagination”


  • The Parish Church: A People Planted
  • Parish Farming, Part 1: The Formation of the Farmer
  • Parish Farming, Part 2: “The Means and the End Is Love” 
  • Parish Farming, Part 3: Ora et Labora: Prayerful Presence and Mission
  • Parish Farming, Part 4: Cultivating A Life-Giving Economic and Embracing a Costly Way


  • Journey into the Wilderness: A Meditation on the Temptations of Christ
  • Part 1: “Give us this Day, our Daily Bread:” Living into Deeper Dependence on God and One Another
  • Part 2: Reconsidering Home Economics: Poverty, Wealth, and the Gift of Limitations
  • Part 3: Food as a Reminder of our Finitude: Tasting Hope as we Taste our Mortality


  • Being Reoriented to God, Creation, and Ourselves
  • “For the Life of the World:” Working and Praying on Behalf of All and With All
  • The Hospitality of Abraham: Liberated to Love by the God who Provides
  • Receiving the Gifts: The Eucharist as a Way of Life
  • Homecoming in a Homeless Society: Extending Godʼs Hospitality through our Gardens and Tables


  • Sabbath: Rest and Reformation of our Memory, Hope, and Identity
  • “Teach them to your Children and to their Children” (Deut. 4:9): Cultivating a memory of Godʼs Faithfulness and Provision

Applications for the 2017 growing season are due March 20.



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