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The Parish Farming School of Eucharistic Discipleship is a transdenominational internship of lived theology, located in Norwood, Ohio. Interns will live, work, and learn together, rhythming their days with prayer, labor, study, hospitality, and solitude. Interns will live on site, taking residence in a beautiful old Catholic convent and give roughly twenty hours of their week to the shared work of growing food for and running Moriah Pie, a Friday night, pay-as-you-can pizza parlor that serves food grown or gathered in our neighborhood.

At the heart of this internship, is an integrative, interdisciplinary curriculum that will challenge us to think rigorously about the gospel and some of its biological, ecological, economic, and cultural implications. We will read the Bible devotionally as well as critically, allowing it to unmask our idolatries, to uncover our presuppositions, to reframe our worldview, and to nurture our relationships with the Triune God.

  • Who can participate?

This internship will cultivate the whole person. We invite individuals who desire…

  • to be oriented to God’s provision through creation
  • to rhythm their lives in prayer, work, solitude, and study
  • to worship God through lamentation, celebration, and sabbath
  • to see God at work in places of economic abandonment
  • to see their friends, neighbors, strangers, and enemies as beloved by God
  • to have a eucharistic understanding of the world
  • to, through humble work, come to know more deeply the humility of Christ and the significance of the Incarnation.
  • What skill will interns gain?

Some of the practical skills that interns will gain from this experience include…

  • garden planning and seed starting
  • organic soil preparation
  • the tending of vegetable beds through the growing season
  • harvest times and methods
  • food preservation and storage
  • cooking from scratch with homegrown produce
  • preparing for others, meals that they have tended from seed to plate
  • the ins and outs of running a small, pay-as-you’re able business
  • shepherding children and engaging them in meaningful work
  • serving, honoring and learning from individuals of various economic means

One of the goals of this internship is to prepare people to become parish farmers in their own church communities.  We desire for interns to leave with theological, agricultural, and economic foundations and practical tools that will help them sow the seeds of a life-giving way, pursuing the restoration of relationships between people and the church, the land, one another, and God.

Applications for the 2017 growing season are due March 20.


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