We believe that higher education has become cost-prohibitive for many people. Because we do not want to out-price anyone, nor to undervalue the education interns will receive or the hard work that has made this school possible, the Parish Farming School of Eucharistic Discipleship will not name tuition prices. Instead, we will ask interns to consider the value of this course and give a monthly contribution.* 

Room and board will be handled creatively. In return for 20 hours of work per week, interns will have their rooming expenses in the Convent covered. Utilities will be of no additional cost; however, household members will commit to practices of simplicity and conservation. They will pay their portion of household food expenses, which will be kept low by making use of ample produce from the gardens. Part of the year’s adventure will be learning to eat seasonally from the land that we tend together. 

Though we are not naming a tuition price, once interns are accepted into the program, we will require an up-front contribution of $400 to cover the cost of materials and to secure an intern’s place in the program.  


*We encourage interns to seek creative income sources to make this contribution and to cover any other expenses they may already have. Individuals may hold part-time jobs during the course of the internship, so long as their work schedules do not overly conflict with the agreed-upon community rhythms.  They also may want to approach their home church community for sponsorship or support.

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