Weekly Schedule and Expectations


  • Interns will give roughly twenty hours a week to the work of Parish Farming and Moriah Pie, which will include tasks ranging from garden work to food-prep to running the restaurant alongside others, to working with kids in the neighborhood.
  • In addition to our shared work, interns will be expected to complete regular reading and writing assignments, which will be utilized during a weekly dinner and discussion.
  • Community life will be a large component of this internship as most participants will be living together in an old Catholic convent. We understand that students may hold part-time jobs, will have social lives, and other commitments of their own, but it is expected that interns will participate with some regularity, in evening meals and rhythms of prayer.
  • Interns will be accountable to the community by being respectful, communicative, and nonviolent if conflict arises. Monthly check-ins with leadership will assure that each member of this internship has a safe place to share and be heard, is meeting their agreed-upon expectations and commitments, and is addressing any conflict.
  • We understand that summer is a time for family gatherings and vacations, and anticipate that interns may on occasion have travel plans that will conflict with our weekly schedule. We are supportive of people taking time away and ask that, out of respect for the rest of the group, plans be communicated ahead of time.  

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