What is Parish Farming?

Parish Farming is the prayerful tending of land, usually in an urban environment, to grow food on behalf of and with the people who call a neighborhood home.  It is work that orients the parish farmer, the local church and the wider community to God’s faithful provision through the particular land, soil and creatures of a given place. It is work that invites others to imagine and participate in a life-giving economy.  It is work that joins us to Christ, who, out of love for us and for the whole world, became dependent upon and vulnerable to his creation.  It is work that we hope to share with some of you.

Parish Farming is not just about community gardens.  It is about trying to develop a local, life-giving economy that grows up from the gifts and limitations of a particular place.  Parish Farming is a pastoral vocation.  It is about encountering the face of Christ in unexpected places, learning from unanticipated teachers, and growing to care for the people who call this place home.

Applications for the 2017 growing season are due March 20.


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